Eating Organic Food

gyujIt has been seen of late that organic food has become very popular among the masses. But what does organic mean to the consumer? Organic means food that is grown in the right soil and that is safe. The soil must have no modifications which mean that no additives or fertilizers should be present in the soil. Organic livestock must also have access to organic food and hence they must not be given antibiotics, growth hormones etc.

The benefits of organic food

Organic foods have found to be having more nutrients than ordinary food. Antioxidants are the main that has been found in organic food. Also people who are allergic to foods having chemicals or preservatives find that they do have that problem when consuming organic food. Some of the other benefits are as follows:

  • Organic food encloses fewer pesticides as compared to the conventional foods available.

Organic foods are produced on small farms where the produce is sold immediately hence the food is fresh.

  • cfghOrganic farming is enhanced for the surrounding as it reduces pollution, conserves water and reduces soil erosion. The biggest advantage of organic farming is that it increases the soil fertility and uses less energy.
  • Organic raised animals are not treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. An antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria develops following the use of antibiotics in meat production. So when someone falls sick then they will be less responsive to the antibiotic treatment given to them for recovery. Animals are given more space to move around and access to outside movement so that it keeps the animals healthy.
  • Certain nutrients are very rich in organic meat and organic milk. Research shows that Omega 3 fatty acids were up by fifty one per cent in meat and milk products as compared to the conventionally raised ones. This is because the animals graze on the natural diet of grass rather than the pesticide coated greenery.
  • Organic food is GMO free. By this it means that genetically modified organism is present in animals and plants. In this DNA is altered in such a way that cannot happen in nature or in cross breeding. GMO is safe.

Organic meat and dairy products

gthOrganic meat and dairy products and eggs are produced from animals that are fed organic, non GMO Feed. They are also allowed to move outdoors to graze. They should not be given antibiotics at any stage. So also hormones or medications must not be given. However they can be vaccinated. Livestock and milking cows must graze on pasture for at least four months a year. Chickens or poultry should have access to fresh air, sunlight and free movement.

Organic food buying tips

  • Fruits and vegetables are found in plenty during the season so it is always best to buy them during the season.
  • One must shop around for organic food so as to find that one is not being over charged.
  • Organic food is expensive and organic feed for animals is twice expensive. However seeing the advantages of organic food, it is safer to buy them.

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